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Geschlecht 01 Feminisiert
Variety 01 Hauptsächlich Indica (min 70%)
Blütetyp 01 Photoperiodisch
Anbauort 03 Indoor & Outdoor
Ertrag Outdoor (g/Pflanze) 04 Sehr hoch (über 500g)
Pflanzenhöhe Indoor (cm) 02 Mittel (61 - 110cm)
Blütezeit Indoor 08 Wochen
Erntemonat Outdoor 10 Oktober

Hersteller Informationen

A chitral kush from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and Pakistan. She is mostly indica with a little stretch towards the end. She produces very white, hard and highly resinous nuggets. Although despite this indica heritage, she leads to a sativa kind of high in the head, and is therefore a cannabis favourite amongst the connoisseurs of the medical community in Holland.
Also suitable for outdoors in temperate or Mediterranean climates (where citrus grow), where recent reports have shown 1kg excellent quality bud per plant! Harvest at the end of September.

Breeder Info

Height: 0.80m - 1m
Flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks
Seed to harvest: 75 - 80 days
Harvest: High
Taste / Smell: A unique and strong husky/herbal lemon smell and taste.
Effect: Stony, yet high all-round buzz, warm feeling, good to relax.

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