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Anzahl Samen 5 Samen
Geschlecht 01 Feminisiert
Variety 03 Hauptsächlich Sativa (min 70%)
Blütetyp 01 Photoperiodisch
Anbauort 03 Indoor & Outdoor
Ertrag Indoor (g/m²) 04 Sehr Hoch (über 500g/m²)
Ertrag Outdoor (g/Pflanze) 04 Sehr hoch (über 500g)
Pflanzenhöhe Outdoor (cm) 04 Sehr hoch (über 220cm)
Blütezeit Indoor 11 Wochen
Erntemonat Outdoor 10 Oktober

Hersteller Informationen

We are proud of this cross. 1024 combines all: taste, production, presence is the perfect plant. It fits perfectly to all cropping systems (organic coconut, hydroponic ...). If conditions are optimal level of THC can be high not being recommended for novice smokers.
Define your taste is complex, a number of nuances are combined, all at the same time (sweet, musky, spicy, fruity), but also can find a phenotype more acidic with hints of incense. From now on you you'll hear a lot about 1024.

Breeder Info

Growing season indoors: 2-3 weeks.
Flowering period indoors: 11-13 . Weeks
Indoor production / m2: About 600 gr.
Outdoor height: 3-3.5 meters.
Harvest outdoors northern hemisphere mid October.
Harvest outdoors, southern hemisphere: mid April.
outdoor production / plant. 600-800 gr
Genotype: genetics of this crossing for security reasons, must be kept secret.
THC: High.
CBD: Low


3rd Hidro - Winter Cup 2016 Barcelona ACMF
2nd Best Sativa - Neuro Pacific Cup 2014 Chile
1st Extraction - Spannabis cup 2011 Barcelona
2nd Interior - Zaragoza Cup 2009
3rd Hidro - The point is You 2009 Malaga
1st Extraction - Navarra Cup 2009

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