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Geschlecht 01 Feminisiert
Variety 03 Hauptsächlich Sativa (min 70%)
Blütetyp 01 Photoperiodisch
Anbauort 01 Indoor
Ertrag Indoor (g/m²) 03 Hoch (401 - 500g/m²)
Ertrag Outdoor (g/Pflanze) 04 Sehr hoch (über 500g)
Pflanzenhöhe Outdoor (cm) 04 Sehr hoch (über 220cm)
Blütezeit Indoor 16 Wochen
Erntemonat Outdoor 11 November
Genetik Neville's Haze x Kali Mist

Hersteller Informationen

Selected for its incredible psychedelic power and its indisputable Haze aroma. It is the most powerful in the brain of our bank variety.
patience to grow this lady is needed, but the reward comes between 15 and 16 weeks, depending on the phenotype, the most psychedelic phenotype longer duration. Its cultivation is difficult and is not suitable for novice growers can only be grown in SCROG or cultivated crops far height fastened with tutors. Enjoy this flower, having been grown in optimum conditions, can be one of the greatest pleasures for any Cannabis Growers.
Its really very energizing power and its intense flavor Haze is the best gift for the palate. Especially recommended for diseases requiring high levels of THC as glaucoma.

Breeder Info

growing season indoors: 1-2 weeks.
Indoor flowering period: 13-15 weeks.
Indoor production / m 2 : About 500 grams.
Outdoor height: 2.5-3 meters.
Harvest outdoors northern hemisphere: Late November.
Harvest outdoors, southern hemisphere: late May.
Outdoor production / plant. 500-700 gr
THC: very high.
CBD: Very low.


Interior 1st - 4th Copa del Mar de Plata 2014 Argentina
2nd Exterio - Copa Argentina Caba 2014
2nd Interior - Caba 2014 Copa Argentina
3rd optio - Copa Argentina Caba 2014
1 optio - Cata Cup 2014 Argentina cannabis cultivator
2nd Hidro - Cannabis Association MF 2014 Miranda de Ebro
1 Interior - Zion 2013 Copa Argentina
Interior 1 - Masters Cup 2011 Argentina Córdoba
1 Extraction - Copa del Mar de Plata 2011 Argentina
1 Interior - Copa del Mar de Plata 2011 Argentina
1 Exterior - UK Forums 2010 Copa Argentina

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