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Geschlecht 01 Feminisiert
Variety 02 Indica / Sativa
Blütetyp 01 Photoperiodisch
Anbauort 03 Indoor & Outdoor
Ertrag Indoor (g/m²) 03 Hoch (401 - 500g/m²)
Ertrag Outdoor (g/Pflanze) 03 Hoch (200 - 500g)
Blütezeit Indoor 06 Wochen
Erntemonat Outdoor 09 September
Genetik Sweet Skunk Auto x Early Skunk elite clone

Hersteller Informationen

Feminized and non-autoflowering version with an ultra fast flowering of one of the most famous cannabic families of all time, considered nowadays as a classic of cannabis breeding.

This strain is the result of the hybridisation between a selected genetic line of our SWS34 (Sweet Skunk Auto) and an Early Skunk elite clone.

The F1 hybrid resulting from the cross between the autoflowering and the non-autoflowering strains originates a non-autoflowering Skunk genetic with a very fast flowering. The aroma of this strain is very sweet and spicy, just like the classic aroma that we usually find within the Skunk family. This strain produces thick buds, loaded with abundant and aromatic resin.

Breeder Info

Indica/Sativa: 65%/35%
Indoor Yield: 400-550 g/m2
Outdoor Yield: 350-600 g/plant
Indoor Blooming: 6-7 weeks
Outdoor Harvest: late August to early September


1st Award – Indoor – II Copa Cata Zona Norte – Argentina – 2016

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