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Data sheet

Sex 02 Regular
Variety 01 Mostly Indica (min 70%)
Flowering Type 02 Autoflowering
THC Content 01 Very Low (below 1%)
CBD Content 03 Medium (5% - 10%)
Growing Location 03 Indoor & Outdoor
Plant Height Indoor (cm) 03 High (over 110cm)
Plant Height Outdoor (cm) 02 Medium (100 - 160cm)
Flowering Time Indoor 10 weeks

More info

The type Sativa / Ruderalis is characterized by its constant growth and numerous branches with tight and short lateral shoots. However, nutrient-poor plant places should be balanced with sufficient compost or wormhumus - otherwise, the Canebra CBD Automatic does not place any special requirements on its growing location, even if it likes (like most plants) a lot of sunshine. The plants also tolerate a dense planting very well and often reach a height of up to 2.5 meters. This CBD-rich variety is also good for early morning, cold and wet autumn days and likes neighboring plants such as nettles, wild strawberries, dandelion, pigeons, backpins, potatoes and many others. She is ready for harvest outdoors and indoors after 90 days.

The strengths of the Canebra CBD Automatic lie in the development of strong branches, more compact and delightfully blossoms of pine and lemon, A long main bud and high seed yields. Therefore, the Canebra CBD Automatic is a reliable flower and seed producer, which should not be lacking in any home pharmacy and is compatible with all EU legislation.

Latest findings in outdoor cultivation suggest THC deep varieties with later sowing (ie from June) the THC value can change. Why is this so, one is still puzzling, one suspects that it has to do with the long hours of sun.
At Canebra, it is important that the variety is not sown outside and in the greenhouse not too late, otherwise the THC content increases and the CBD content decreases. That means, the ratio between THC and CBD is reversed.

Type: Indica/Ruderalis
Life time: ca. 13 Wochen
indoor/outdoor height: 150 cm
THC: 1-4%
CBD: above 4%
THC:CBD Ratio: 1:4

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