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Data sheet

Sex 02 Regular
Variety 01 Mostly Indica (min 70%)
Flowering Type 01 Photoperiod
THC Content 04 High (11% - 19%)
CBD Content 01 Very Low (below 1%)
Growing Location 03 Indoor & Outdoor
Yield Indoor (g/m²) 02 Medium (301 - 400g/m²)
Yield Outdoor (g/plant) 03 High (200 - 500g)
Plant Height Indoor (cm) 02 Medium (61 - 110cm)
Plant Height Outdoor (cm) 02 Medium (100 - 160cm)
Flowering Time Indoor 07 weeks
Harvest Month Outdoor 09 September

More info

Helvetic Seeds EEP

- regular
- indoor & outdoor
- Indoors flowering time approx. 48 days
- Indoor yield: 350g/m2
- Outdoors: end of September
- Yield outdoors up to 500g / plant
- Indica 75% / Sativa 25%
- Genotype: Erdbeer x Erdbeer x Purpurea 09

The EEP is the next step to the regular strawberry.
The EEP is a 75% strawberry, its phenos are more and more like the original strawberry. There are currently 2 phenos distinguishable in the EEP. A stocky indica heavy plant and a larger one with more sativa content. Both have inherited the typical dense resinous flowers of Strawberry. In taste and turn both phenos are already very similar to the original strawberry. The leaves, the stems, the calyxes and also the flower hairs have a red coloration which is genetically determined and also inherited from the strawberry. Our breeder, who takes care of strawberry and courtesy crosses, has done a great job. After several germination, growth and smoke tests, he has released this variety for sale. We thank him for this exceptional genetics!

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