The story of how Dinafem Seeds was created is easily told. After accumulating years of experience cultivating all types of cannabis and having enjoyed the most interesting strains of the moment as growers, a time came when the team behind Dinafem felt the urge to go one step further. Their idea was basically to create a company within the parameters of legality. That is why there were too many knots to tie before the first Dinafem seeds were created.

Nowadays, Dinafem Seeds is present in all European countries where seeds are sold. Its presence is also increasingly important in the rest of the world and it is regarded as a one of the most prestigious and cutting-edge seed banks with top-notch autoflowering and feminised seeds that are widely appreciated. Throughout this period, it works with new high-quality Californian genetics among which OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Dinachem or Purple Afghan Kush are worth a special mention.

In 2015, Dinafem Seeds celebrates its 10th anniversary, and decides to focus its efforts on the development of CBD-rich strains that are increasingly demanded due to their interesting therapeutic properties.

All these years of research and development have resulted in a catalogue packed with fascinating feminised, autoflowering and medicinal seeds that are all 100% feminized, powerful, productive and stable.

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