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The Amnesia story

It shall have been Jan. ’97 or ’96 since the first coke was an outdoor. Planted in April she grew fermly, fresh, green, spring was fantastic for being a plant. Sometimes the water that comes down can be a little much so she was planted with this in mind, on a small hill. When summer came she was ready for it. A meter tall. A meter wide. Yeah, she’d done good. (They all did that year, by the way.)

A Dutch summer can be allright with very nice temperatures in the day, not too cold at all in the night. Until the end of September the whole process goes more or less automaticly. When watered enough, (with a little nutrient ofcause;-) and an eye is kept for bugs, it’s a pretty safe ride. From starting Oktober on you need a bit of luck with the weather, rain and wind can really put a lot of pressure in fall.
November is late for a Dutch outdoor… Indoor wasn’t considered an option very long, to complicated to perform such a test, in such size and variety, nope, we’re going out. I knew the risk and decided to take it. Some of her sisters are still going wow, its late November. Her stam is green/yellow, Woody, and the leaves lost freshness. She wants a manicure, the remarkable absence of leaves on the buds make this another pleasant event We’re 4 wks before testing. Yihah.

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