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Geschlecht 01 Feminisiert
Variety 01 Hauptsächlich Indica (min 70%)
Blütetyp 01 Photoperiodisch
Anbauort 03 Indoor & Outdoor
Ertrag Indoor (g/m²) 04 Sehr Hoch (über 500g/m²)
Ertrag Outdoor (g/Pflanze) 03 Hoch (200 - 500g)
Pflanzenhöhe Indoor (cm) 02 Mittel (61 - 110cm)
Pflanzenhöhe Outdoor (cm) 03 Hoch (161 - 220cm)
Blütezeit Indoor 08 Wochen
Erntemonat Outdoor 10 Oktober
Genetik American Bubble Gum x Skunk Special

Hersteller Informationen

The BubbleGum cannabis was originally developed by growers in Indiana, USA. From there the genetics moved to New England and eventually Holland.
lt has taken many generations to finally produce this stable BubbleGummer with the characteristic sweet smell (truly resembling a typical bubble gum taste) and euphoric high, the original trademarks of this famous cannabis strain.
Usually not too branchy, it produces a good, compact, candle bud covered with crystals. Easy to grow, it is perfect as a beginner strain.

Breeder Info

Height: 60 - 80cm
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Seed to Harvest: 11 weeks
Harvest: high
Taste / Smell: Sweet and fruity bubblegum odor and taste.
Effect: Euphoric, smooth and soft, perfect for getting things done during the day.

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