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Barney's Farm  

Barney’s Farm all started when Derry settled in the Himalayas, where he honed his knowledge of selective breeding, creating diverse strains and choosing phenotypes for their tastes, aromas and THC levels.

Whilst on his travels Derry collected a wide variety of land-race Cannabis seeds. He selected strains from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and China to ensure that he had the widest selection of strains to work with. His wide selection of choices helped him to create some of the outstanding strains which have become the favourites for many people around the world.

Derry then returned to Amsterdam, knowing his could put his new found knowledge to use in the mass development of commercial strains. Barney’s Farm was then born, and started to build its reputation as one of the best seed companies in the world.

As the brand evolved Derry determined that the Barney’s Farm brand needed to move into new territories, making way for the world famous Barney’s Farm Coffee-Shop. This made every premium strain available for the public to enjoy, and was celebrated by cannabis aficionados from across the world. This is when the company really started to grow in popularity, especially in the eyes of the Cannabis press.

Barney’s Farm is renowned as the world leaders in the production of top quality female cannabis seeds. The team at Barney’s are always at the cutting edge of the culture, pushing the industry to create the biggest and best genetics. The team are continuously looking for the latest and greatest cultivations, and will ensure to provide these to the world.

We will continue to search the world for seeds for the most indigenous genetics from far and wide. The team are all highly experienced breeders and have progressively been gathering landrace genetics from each corner of the world since the early 1980’s.

The passion and commitment of Barney’s is unrivalled and is reflected in their search to provide new and exciting feminised cannabis strains. At present the majority of exciting and boundary pushing Barneys Farm Feminised Seeds are available in packs of 5 and 10. These seeds are very popular 99% of plants grow into Female strains. This is an enormous advantage as no time or space is wasted in tending unwanted male plants where such cultivation is legal.

Barney’s Farm has won numerous international prizes for the flawless quality and stability of its products, making it a recognised world leader in the production of top quality seeds. This passion and devotion for our chosen life underlines our commitment to provide our customers with the very best genetics possible. Our search for rare genetics will never end and we are dedicated to the creation of new and exciting marijuana strains.

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