Dream Sherbet Auto | Feminised, Auto, Indoor & Outdoor

Dream Sherbet Auto | Feminised, Auto, Indoor & Outdoor



The autoflowering version of Dream Sherbet is equally phosphorescent with intense shades of colour and sticky trichomes

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Data sheet

Sex 01 Feminised
Variety 02 Indica / Sativa
Flowering Type 02 Autoflowering
THC Content 05 Very High (over 19%)
CBD Content 01 Very Low (below 1%)
Growing Location 03 Indoor & Outdoor
Yield Indoor (g/m²) 03 High (401 - 500g/m²)
Yield Outdoor (g/plant) 02 Medium (61 - 200g)
Plant Height Indoor (cm) 02 Medium (61 - 110cm)
Life cycle (Auto) 11 Wochen
Genetics Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties x Ruderalis

More info

Seed: Autoflowering
CBD: <0,5 %
Effect: Balanced
THC: 22 %
Culture: Warfare
Features: Good for extractions
Flavor: Earthy, Fruity, Sweet

Complete cycle: 75 days
Average height: 90
Yield 500 gr/m2

Yield 200 gr/plant

Auto Indica to the rescue

At Kannabia Seed Company we take very seriously the work of combining strains to obtain autoflowering versions of our best marijuana seeds. In this case we work with the new Dream Sherbet that we have just added to our catalogue. We knew beforehand that the result would be generous and strong, but not that strong. We ourselves were stunned.

The success of the operation probably lay in the use of a top quality Ruderalis so as not to contaminate the properties of the original feminised cannabis seed. If you have seen our presentation of Dream Sherbet, with west coast genetics from Pink Panties, this is an undisputed indica with liberating properties.

In its autoflowering marijuana seed version, the potency is unbridled, increasing its THC levels and its resinous capacities. It maintains its density, in an even more compressed form, fulfilling the two maxims of a good automatic marijuana plant: high production, short flowering.

How to: Dream Sherbet Auto

The autoflowering version of Dream Sherbet is equally phosphorescent with intense shades of colour and sticky trichomes. In height it is compressed so that it never exceeds one metre in height, it is really charming indoors.

You can work it indoors with a Sea of Green and harvest 500 grams per square metre or, if you’re up for a war, get your plants ready in an outdoor Guerrilla and make them reach a height of 1.20 metres, looking for a well-lit place, to see how the production reaches approximately 200 grams per plant.

Indoors, the complete cultivation process of Dream Sherbet Auto takes 75 days, and outdoors it will thank you for growing it from March to reach its zenith at the end of September, but making sure that the night temperatures do not drop too much, as the cold would influence its correct development.

Taste and effect of Dream Sherbet Auto

Compared to its feminised origin, Dream Sherbet Auto retains its sweet and earthy flavour, but emphasises the fruity character of the original Sherbet a little more, with the aroma of melon and mango emerging. Very tasty.

As for the effect, you’d better be going for indica travel. THC is concentrated up to 22% in this autoflowering marijuana plant, giving a long lasting and deep relaxing impact. Few automatic plants are as sharp and noticeable.

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