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Data sheet

Sex 02 Regular
Variety 02 Indica / Sativa
Flowering Type 01 Photoperiod
THC Content 04 High (11% - 19%)
Growing Location 03 Indoor & Outdoor
Yield Indoor (g/m²) 04 Very High (over 500g/m²)
Yield Outdoor (g/plant) 04 Very High (over 500g)
Plant Height Indoor (cm) 02 Medium (61 - 110cm)
Plant Height Outdoor (cm) 04 Very High (over 220cm)
Flowering Time Indoor 08 weeks
Harvest Month Outdoor 09 September

More info

Helvetic Seeds NLX x Purpurea 09

- regular
- indoor & outdoor
- Indoors flowering time approx. 55 days
- Indoor yield: +500g/m2
- Outdoors: end of September - beginning of October
- Yield outdoors up to 1200g / plant
- Indica 50% / Sativa 50%
- Genotype: NLX x Purpurea 09

We have crossed our NLX clone with our superpotent Purpurea 09 male. The result is a strain that is bigger and stronger than NLX or Purpurea 09, which is no wonder, since both strains are some of the best you can find in their area.

NLX x Purpurea 09 is a F1 hybrid and is ready for harvest earlier than NLX, with a slightly higher yield. The resin impregnation has inherited the variety from its mother NLX. The partly purple coloration from her father. The variety is a yield monster, but nevertheless it is ready for harvest outside at the end of September, at the latest at the beginning of October. Practically all petals are covered with resin, the variety has a strong smell and must be well camouflaged outside. It can grow up to 3.5 meters high and just as wide.
The variety combines genetics from almost all continents: Northern Lights (USA), White Widow (Brazil and South India) and Purpurea 09 (Switzerland).

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